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New York Anime Festival/Comic Con
Yumi Nosebleed
NYAF/NYCC is tomorrow. Ahh, I'm so stress, I can't even pack. I need to get my shite together because we leave tonight (staying at HQ) so we can get to the bus early tomorrow morning. Stress! I don't even know what I'm packing. Ugh. I hope there's a JE's gathering though! Even if not, I hope they sell some JE's stuff at the con! I got some bootleg Nino/MatsuJun/Tegoshi sticker at Otakon. It was awesome hahahaha.

Anyway. Um, packing yeah. I should get on that.

Shimeji's are fun.
Kaibutsu-kun is taking over my desktop hahah. He's so fun to play with xD! Izaya too. I love throwing him around pwahaha.


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SOOO. We're dorks, and celebrated Arashi's 11th Year Anniversary! By.. making cupcakes!

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Sakumiya Jii
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Why hello there LiveJournal! I haven't posted all summer. Ah well xD I just wanted to do two things:

Show off my lovely icon (ISN'T IT SUGEH? Luci made it :'D) And to say that NYAF was REBORN WIN. I haven't had a REBORN WIN con in forever (Probably Otakon of 2008 hahaha) If I get a chance I'll write a con report. Which I never do, I should but :|

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Animu Nextou

Wow I'm actually pretty much set for AnimeNEXT. CEPT I GOTTA PACK. POOOO.


One Piece- Bepo [All Day]

APH - FlagShirt!China [10:00pm - 1:00pm]
Kuroshitsuji - Drossel Cainz [2:00pm - 3:30pm]
One Piece - Tashigi [4:00 - 5:30pm]
Super Dance Meetup - (In Tashigi) [5:00pm] (Maybe)
One Piece - Bepo [6:00pm-11pm]

Super Dance Meetup - (In Chikusa) [10:00am] (Maybe)
Reborn! - Chikusa [11:00am]
APH - Normal!China [12:00pm + Or later - 2:00]
Soul Eater - Justin [3:00pm - ?]
Kuroshitsuji - Drossel Cainz [7:00pm](Maybe)
PJ Party - Justin/DtK [11:15pm] (Maybe)


Super Dance Meetup - (In China) [10:00am] (Maybe)
APH- Normal!China [10:00am - ?]
Soul Eater - Justin/DtK/Azusa [3:00pm - End] (Maybe)

Undecided - DtK, Azusa, Akito, Hiro (The last two are only if Margie wants to)

Ahahahah Animazement. Ahaha.....

It's um. Tomorrow. And my chest is like "HEY NO. YOU'RE NOT READY." Dude I am so not ready. I dropped my Pandora Hearts cosplay for this con cuz my wig won't come in time so I'm doing China instead (semi-revamped!)


Hetalia - China
Kuroshitsuji - Finny + Secret
Air Gear - Kururu
Reborn! - Chikusa + Hibari?
Soul Eater - Spoiler/PJ Kid + Azusa + Blair? (I'm bringing it just incase :O )
Junjou Romantica - Hiroki

I probably won't wear them all. But I pack them in case I need back-up costumes.

I finally caught up in One Piece, SEE LUCI I KEPT MY PROMISE. I did it with one day to spare! Now, I just need someone to cosplay xD

I've been feeling sick. I like threw up yesterday (mostly Rob's fault though :| )I really hope it's just like a 24 hour stomach virus D:

I want a nap.


I made a snake icon. Because he's so adorable and he's got yaoi-nips. (Margie and Luci know what I'm talking about :3 )
It says "Hiss! It means I love you in Snake" (Cuz Rawr is I love you in Dinosaur)

I'm tired. There's only like, three more weeks of school.

I should work on my Kyoto paper. Probably. Soon. Eventually.

I need to work on cosplay this weekend. Like seriously.
  • I'm really... hovering with Mio right now. Something came up and I don't know if I should do her anymore. I guess we'll see...
  • TYL Varia? I don't know, as if my first Squalo wig wasn't a mess. (DAMN YOU LONG WIGS) 
  • Kinda wanna do Snake instead of Finny, but eh, we'll see. I want to do Finny if Margie/Lexi are still doing Meirin/Bard. I'm still doing me SC for Kuroshitsuji, parts of it are finally being shipped to me, so I'm pretty excited.
  • Um Hetalia? I don't know... I really want to. But. Ugh. I don't know :O!

I'm 1/2 and 1/2 at the moment with like, everything. I guess it's because I'm like tired. I'm excited for AZ but at the same time, I'm worried about money/cosplay.



I think I'll be happy once it's May 15th <3

Cosplay Stuff
I'm so Lazy. I need to work on cosplays but. I can't. Because I'm lazy :|

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